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About the Artist:

Brianna E. Leahy is a freelance artist, specializing in illustration & 3D modeling. She has a special interest in her work as a science communication artist, where she collaborates with scientists in university laboratories to create artwork for scientific publication, presentation & outreach!


She is currently working as a freelance artist for the Seascape Ecology Lab, in science communications art. In collaboration with Dan Holstein, Brianna is currently creating a mini-series of animated shorts to explain the research topic of the Seascape Ecology Lab to the wider community.


A resident artist at Oregon State University, Brianna collaborated with microbiologists in the Vega Thurber Laboratory to create figures & illustrations for scientific publication & presentation. Her artwork also includes the development of science education & public outreach projects, including web comics & animations explaining current science topics & research! 

Her clients include Oregon State University, Iron Ninja Games, & Simmons Group, Inc.


A California State University, Fullerton Alumna, Brianna earned a Bachelor of Fine Art with an emphasis in Entertainment art & animation. Her artwork spans from traditionally drawn visual development work in character & prop design, to full digital illustration, scientific illustration, 3D modeling, texture mapping, rigging, and skinning.


Brianna is always looking forward to new creative work opportunities! If you are interested in contracting freelance, commission, or other creative work, please use the contact page to send a direct email.


Thank you for reading!

-Brianna E. (Leahy) McMinds

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