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Art in Science

This page contains Brianna E. Leahy's scientific illustration portfolio & ongoing projects in collaboration with the Vega Thurber Laboratory, Oregon State University.

Artwork in a Lab Anchor

Artwork in a Laboratory


Resident Artist 

in the Vega Thurber Laboratory, Oregon State University.

Brianna Leahy was asked to join the Vega Thurber Laboratory Team in September, 2016. Since then she has created logos, digital paintings, figures, and even comics for scientific discussion, learning & outreach! The Vega Thurber Laboratory studies microbes specific to marine life, especially to coral's health! Their laboratory actively travels the world to sample and observe. 

To learn about the Vega Thurber Laboratory & their research, please visit:  Vega Thurber's Laboratory Website

ocean, wave, seal, coral, parrot fish, seagrass, sea, microbes, science, logo

Vega Thurber Laboratory's Logo! By Brianna Leahy ©2017, commissioned by Dr. Rebecca Vega Thurber.

Web Comic

Science Outreach:  Web Comic

Welcome to the home of 'Coral County' Comic! This interactive educational comic is part of a science outreach effort, in collaboration with the Vega Thurber Laboratory in microbiology at Oregon State University!

Click below to read stories of the adventurous & troublesome parrotfish, coral crabs & more as they follow research currently being conducted at OSU! Each comic will have an accompanying article where eager learners can delve deeper into the topics presented in each comic strip.

Scientific Illustration Anchor

Scientific Illustration for Publication

Soon to be published! A a collection of the scientific illustration & design work created as the laboratory's resident artist. Many works are awaiting publisher approval & release, as they are included in editorial papers, textbooks, and other research publications. They will be uploaded as publishing allows!

Illustration:  Marine Host Microbiome Alpha Diversity Measures


Part of a scientific publication:

Box Figure 1, "Responses of Coral-Associated Bacterial Communities to Local and Global Stressors", 

Frontiers in Marine Science,

Published August 15, 2017

"Marine Host Microbiome Alpha Diversity Measures" compares and contrasts the diversity of microbes found in different marine organism's microbiomes. The figure focuses on a look at the whole community, in comparison to assumptions of corals' impact.


Coral Metagenomics and Virus Ecology

Textbook Figure, awaiting publishing.

"Coral Metagenomics and Virus Ecology" figure features a cross-section of a single coral polyp. It discusses different viruses and where they live within the coral polyp's structure.

Series:  Linkages Between Things Big & Small.

Perspective Piece Figure Series, awaiting publishing.

This perspective piece includes a series of four figures discussing the interconnectedness of organisms big & small; microbes to their larger counterparts. Different biomes are used as examples to illustrate how an ecosystem, when disrupted, can be thrown out of balance.

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